Demirtasoglu Addressed in 10th International Congress "Flour-Bread '19" (Croatia)

The Chairman of Milling Machinery Manufacturers Association (DESMUD), Zeki Demirtasoglu, addressed in 10th International Congress "Flour-Bread '19" which was held in Croatia on June 13, 2019 with the participation of senior experts and companies from 17 differrent countries. Demirtasoglu invited all the participants to World Mill Tech Conference and Exhibition 2019.


Full transcript of Mr. Demirtasoglu's speech:


Milling Machinery Manufacturers Association (DESMUD) was established with the aim of collecting the leading companies of the milling machinery sector under one roof and forming a common platform for coordinating the events and R&D activities concerning milling in Turkey. DESMUD also concentrates on reinforcing the competitive capacity of the Turkish milling machinery sector. DESMUD has about 100 members from several regions of Turkey. It is noteworthy that DESMUD is the only representative of the milling industry in Turkey. 


The members of the association held 1,62 billion dollars of Turkish export in 2018 while the export of the milling machinery industry was 1,35 billion dollars in 2017. The industry that DESMUD represents a remarkable position in Turkish export. The growth rate in exports of the Turkish milling industry is approximately 20 percent higher when it is compared with statistics of the previous year. These stats also indicate that Turkish manufacturers have become the global leader of Turkish milling machinery.


Having founded just before two years, DESMUD achieved many of its goals. Let me give you a brief information about World Mill Tech which we want to make it a world brand.

- Our association organized an international expo in Istanbul between March 29 – April 1, 2018.

- DESMUD also organized a conference and an exhibition in Antalya in the autumn of the same year.

- We also signed a cooperation protocol with Ministry of National Education for founding a “Milling Department” in the high schools in three Turkish cities and a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Turkish capital, Ankara. 


In 2019, we accelerate our activities and participated many organizations about our sector. Especially the two Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) that we signed with SKYLAR and BISAV have played a significant role for enhancing our relations with Africa and Balkans.


We will go on our activities with our excitement on the first day. In this regard, we are about to finish our preparations for World Mill Tech Conference and Exhibitions. As a Chairman of DESMUD Executive Board, I cordially invite you all to Antalya between October 31 – November 3, 2019.


I want to finalize my speech with our motto; “We Mill We Will!”

Thanks for your patience, I will be glad to answer your questions if you have…


You can find the video of the speech in DESMUD's Official Youtube Channel;