on 22/06/2018 ourCharman Mr. Zeki DEMİRTAŞOĞLU, Teknik Uzmanımız Prof. Dr. Hamit KÖKSAL ,General Sekratary Mrs. Dilek Dursun and Sekreterimiz Mrs. Nuray SALMAN,  visited  Mr. Vural KURAL President of TUSAF and had a consultation meeting.

during the meeting the realations and cooporation betwen TUSAF and DESMUD was discused and the ways of expanding and improving it by arranging traninig, fairs, book and magazim etc..  more often.

also the sector need of raw metrials and laboratory equpments was discusd as well, 

yrıca sektörün ham madde, laboratuvar ve ekipman ihtiyaçları masaya yatırıldı. From the point of view of the Civil Society Organizations, the quality of the products with international validity, the requirements of the accreditation certificates and the rates of coverage, corrective and preventive activities were discussed.